SIDCHG — быстрый и удобный способ для смены идентификаторов SID

SIDCHG (SIDCHG64 для 64-разрядной Windows) 3.0j — утилита командной строки для изменения SID локального компьютера и имени компьютера для Windows 2022/11/2019/2016/10/8.1/2012 R2/8/2012/7/2008 R2. Она заменяет текущий SID компьютера новым случайным SID. Кроме того, она изменяет WSUS ID для обновлений Windows, MachineGuid, Machine ID, Device Identifier для Modern Apps, MSDTC CID, Dhcpv6 DUID, SQL Server Master database, состояние шифрования для сохранения зашифрованных файлов, настройки Windows Action Center, сертификаты и другую зашифрованную сохраненную информацию. Сохранение учетных данных, хранящихся в хранилище Windows, возможно при предварительной подготовке резервной копии хранилища. При желании OneDrive можно сбросить.


SIDCHG64 [options]
  /COMPNAME=: New computername, ? = random hex character, * = mac address (hex)
  /COMPDESCR=: New computer description
  /F: Omit confirmation
  /R: Reboot after SID change
  /S: Shutdown after SID change
  /NS: Don't change SID, only set computername
  /KEY=: License key
  /SK: Store licence key in registry for later. SID will not be changed if /SK is specified
  /RMK: Remove license key from registry after SID change
  /OD: Reset OneDrive. This avoids OneDrive synchronization issues if both original and clone are active with same user. /OD requires OneDrive-Account to be reentered after SID change. Without /OD it is sufficient to reenter password of OneDrive-Account after SID change
  /RESETALLAPPS: Reset all Modern Apps. This avoids issues with Modern Apps or with Search box after SID change.
  /RESETAPPS=: List of Modern Apps to be reset (PackageFamilyName), separated by ;-character. *-character counts as wildcard. - (minus)-character at beginning excludes app from reset.
  /RESETAPPSFILE=: File containing List of Modern Apps to be reset (PackageFamilyName), each on separate line. *-character counts as wildcard. - (minus)-character at beginning excludes app from reset.
 Following options are advanced (not for normal use):
  /OS=: Windows-directory (e.g /OS=D:\Windows) of OS to modify, if not running OS
  /D=: Drives to check for SID (e.g /D=CDE). Per default, SID will be changed on all local harddrives
  /SID=: New SID value. Per default, SID will be set to random value
  /RMKNOW: Remove stored license key from registry without doing SID change
  /RMT: Remove traces. Remove SIDCHG key from registry after SID change. Completed SID change cannot be reverted if /RMT is specified
  /RMTNOW: Remove traces now. Remove SIDCHG key from registry without doing SID change. SID change cannot be reverted afterwards
  /NW: Don't change WSUS ID
  /NCID: Don't reset MSDTC CID
  /NPP: No Run Once-post processing. Transparent post processing is needed to preserve encrypted files and other user settings.
  /NDI: Don't reset Device ID.
  /NMG: Don't reset Machine GUID.
  /NMID: Don't reset Machine ID
  /NDUID: Don't reset Dhcpv6 DUID.
  /NSQ: Don't change SQL Server master database. When changed, a backup copy of the original master database is copied to C:\Windows\Temp-directory
  /NMA: Don't reset McAfee ID.
  /FDID: Full reset of Device ID (can invalidate System Activation)
  /REVERT: Reverts SID back to previous value after complete or interrupted SID change
  /REPEAT: Repeats previous complete or interrupted SID change with same previous and new SID values. This can be useful if not all has been changed during first run.
  /CLEARMSG: Clears SID change message at login after interrupted SID change
  /CNMF=: Map file /COMPNAME will be mapped against, with lines map=compname
  /FF: Allow SID change with Antivirus real-time protection left on, SID to be changed on removable drive, or for unsupported Windows version, and bypass other restrictions

Best usage examples:


Set computername after mac address:
 SIDCHG /COMPNAME=* /CNMF=map.txt      where map.txt has lines macaddress=compname

Change of computer SID risks data loss and system damage. Do not interrupt SID change in process!


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